John McAndrew

JohnMcAndrew_Forgiven_DigiPak_w_DiagonalPocketJohn McAndrew is a storyteller and it can truly be said that it is his passion for telling a tale that is attracting the attention of adult contemporary listeners and blues/pop fans. Described as a Paul Simon with a smidgen of Harry Chapin and a drop of Jimmy Webb his music is uplifting, inspiring and is captivating audiences across the United States.

John’s music has been featured in films such as ” Jesus, Mary and Joey”  starring Jennifer Espisito, Olympia Dukakis, Charles Durning and Stacy Keach ,”Jake’s Corner” starring Richard Tyson and Dianne Ladd., and “Little Red Wagon” a film by David Ansbaugh.

We are all on our own spiritual journey. “Forgiven” is the musical expression of John’s experiences along his path. These songs are intended to go to your heart where your own memories live, and awaken that hope which we all seek and need. The journey is never over, and we are always learning! John has been a frequent guest host on the online talk radio network “Voice America” you can listen to some of his guest shows here.
Track List:
I Love You All
If You Can’t Forgive
God Works That Way
My Song to Jesus
Give Me New Eyes
Tell Me Why
In This Hour
Reasons To Fly
A Little Too Far
I Know You’ll Be There Now
Not Afraid Tonight


Album available from WBA Records Store for $18.95 plus shipping & handling.


Also available on iTunes click here.



“If You Can’t Forgive is a beautifully written song sung in a wonderfully jagged and soulful voice by a man who can make you believe in the redemptive power of music.”

-John Hiatt, rock guitarist, pianist, singer, and songwriter


“Thanks for a wonderful evening John!”

-Eric Clapton-Crossroads Centre Antigua


“Mr. McAndrew, a talented musician and special keynote speaker took us on a spiritual and musical journey when he performed at Crossroads Centre’s Alumni and Anniversary Reunion in November 2012. His performance was captivating and inspiring. He has an enviable talent for connecting soulfully and meaningfully with his audience.”

-Tania Lewis – Crossroads Centre Antigua


“Not since working with Bob Seger have I heard such a great voice. John is a real artist!”

-Roger Hawkins- producer, drummer, member of the Swampers and co-founder of Famed Muscle Shoals Studios


“I was a fan of John from the moment I heard his music and met him. Not only of his music, but of the man who is genuine and honest and always from the heart. His music is a window into his soul and it speaks to the feelings and issues we all have regarding hope, love and the power we all need to carry on. Plus, it is a blessing to play music with him as well.”

-Jack Dills aka Jack Daniels Founding member of Highway 101, CMA and ACM Vocal Group of the Year


“John McAndrew reminds me of the early days of Billy Joel, when people sat at the piano bar, putting bread into his jar, saying, “Man, what are you doin’ here?!”. He is simply great at the piano, and has a voice that can light you up.”
-Billy Powell, Keyboard Player, Lynard Skynard, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee


” Every once in a while you discover some music that makes you reflect. Songs that hit your heart, lift you up, inspire you, make you think. John McAndrew is a singer who makes you feel like you have a friend talking to you about life and leading you to a quiet place. His unique and soulful presentation moved me in song after song never throwing away a line but meaning every word. Thank you John for letting me share your soul.”

-Bruce Shindler- 41 year veteran record promoter. UMG, DreamWorks, RCA, Elektra/Asylum